Jan 19, 2010

2010 Track Frame and Fork News

For five years, we have been almost solely known for our basic kick-around CrMo track frame in black, with a sprinkling of color every once in a while. That is about to change big time. We've taken some time to consider feedback on the frames, as well think about some fresh changes that will provide some additional versatility and refinement to the line, while keeping the frame the same affordable track frame so many people have come to value.

First the frame:

- 1 1/8" headtube. It's stronger, there are more headset and stem offerings, and it will give you lots of fork options. Say you want to run a CX fork and do some scorching? Or maybe a disc fork for your fixed commuter? Or one of the trick-track fork offerings?
- Bottle bosses= gone.

And then the fork:

- 1 1/8", naturally.
- New straight-blade unicrown design. This is great-looking new fork for us and we're excited about it. It's stiff and strong, and will make a great fork for any build. This is taking the place of our current curved-blade unicrown (1") fork. The limited edition purple will keep the great looking curved, lugged crown fork. Here, see for yourself:

Then the aesthetic changes:

- Decal kits. Every frame will come with alternate decals in different colors. This will let you sticker up the fork, layer stickers on the frame, swap out the stock ones...there really are no limits to creativity here.

....are we missing something?.....oh, colors!


Black. Because everything goes with black.

White. Nothing looks quite as sharp as a white bike, and it lets you go in lots of color directions.

Red. Fast.

"Sid" Blue. Kind of like that paint that became synonymous with one fork model, this is a rich color that looks especially good with black, white, and gold parts. Here's a sneak preview:

Grey. Kind of an asphalt color, this blends into the urban landscape and will always look good.

Neon Yellow/Black fadezzzzzzzzz. Yeah we are doing a neon frame, and yeah, its got siq fadez. But really, whats cooler than all those old mountain bikes in sweet neon colors? Not much, that's what.


A matching fork for all of the above, plus:
--Light Pink,
Light Blue,
Lime Green,
Safety Orange

All the colors were selected to be mixed and matched pretty nicely (not all of them, but we feel there are enough options for everyone to have a really unique setup).

So, here's the recap:

1 1/8" headtubes on 6 new frame colors, plus an all-new straight-blade fork with 12 color options. Whew, that's a lot. We'll keep the updates rolling; expect lots more photos in the coming weeks. This stuff will hopefully be available next month, but there will be lots more to talk about between now and then.