Mar 18, 2010

First Pictures of our 2010 Colors

We said we'd post shots of the new frames as soon as we could. I tell you while shooting these, we were like getting damn anxious. We just want to start building them up. Seeing what color combos we wanted to try first.

Shops that have pre-ordered should be getting them in a couple of weeks. If your LBS, is clueless, please educate them. We'd appreciate it and they'll appreciate it.

Keep checking the blog for updates. We are in the middle of a website re-design, so we won't be updating the current site with new product. We are stoked with how the new site is coming together...we will be featuring photographs from talented Pake owners as well as the incredible Matt Lingo.

You know the drill...Click for larger pics....

All decals are all removable (even the Tange CrMo ones), but we include decal kits with each frame in case you don't want to remove them... just wanna swap to something different...or if you don't like any of our colors (for crying out loud) and want to'll have extra decals.

Mar 3, 2010

Lauren and Brie and their Pakes

Lauren and her murdered out Pake.

Urban Fixed Gear Online did this little photoshoot with a friend Lauren back in January. We are a little late in re-posting, but here it is. Lauren got her Pake and Aerospokes from 66fixed in St. Petersberg. Follow the link for the rest of the pictures (A couple are NSFW.)

UPDATE: I took some time to read the comments on the Lauren post. One guy mentioned FixFixFix which we never heard about till today, because we don't go looking for pin-up girls on the internet (never, ever) even if they ride bikes. But in the interest of keeping on top of bike culture, we checked it out a lunch break.

Lo and behold, right there on the front page we have another lady posing with her Pake.

Hey Brie: We noticed those sick and sexy bars. Tell us a little more about them and we'll send you one of our t-shirts. But please don't supply your home address, because our guy in receiving is kind of 'stalkery' and might end up standing outside your window on some night if you do that. A work address or a BF's would be safer.

Former courier Brie posing for theFixFixFix.

If you have decent pictures with you and your Pake, we'd love to see them on the Pake Builds Pool on Flickr. No mini-dresses or required.