Mar 30, 2011

Poker Face Race

Gambling and Lady Gaga? I don't know how it is going to go down, but it's happening in Boston.
All of the money goes to the Celiac Disease Foundation, so definitely make a point to come out to show cyclists aren't all self-centered bastards:

Free Beer & Food supplied by Boston Beer-SAM ADAMS, Magic Hat & Dancing Deer. Live band, and DJ. Raffle prizes and prizes for the racers will be handed out. LOCATION & MORE DETAILS TBA

Bike Battle At The Brewery

Based on the pictures from the event last year, it looks like a great place for an event... I mean a working micro-brewery.
So if you can get to Colorado next month, check it out.
Thanks to Adam of Greeley Revolution for letting us get involved.

Mar 21, 2011

PAKE on the small screen

photo c/o travel channel website

Back in February we got wind that the Travel Channel was working on a show about bike messengers in the Big Apple(that city next to the Big Skanky). We were contacted one of the producers, letting us know that one stars owned a Rum Runner frame..

Our first thought was "shitttt we're being scammed again. We're hardened here at Pake, much like the messengers chronicled in "Triple Rush": "The series is onehour doc that follows the chaotic everyday life of three unique courier companies as they battle for survival in an increasingly competitive industry. The work is grueling and the environment can be downright dehumanizing. Witness their hairraising dashes through heavily trafficked Manhattan streets, speeding between cars and racing through red lights – all to earn a few dollars and feed their fast and carefree lifestyles."

We were psyched when we found out it wasn't a scam. PAKE Rum Runner takes the small screen, next stop silver screen!

Here's the website: Triple Rush

Mar 16, 2011

More Evidence that Bikes Rule

When 83-year old Tsuna Kimura heard the tsunami sirens, she got on her bike and rode to safety. See the video on CNN.

If you want to be of some help in this crazy disaster in Japan, check out these proposals from Chari and Lazy Monk.

Better yet just donate some of your Red Bull money to Mercy Corps.