Nov 18, 2010

IMINUSD One Year Anniversary Party - Nov. 20th-21st

Help them celebrate one year of adding style and service to the South Bay bike scene. They'll be ripping it up both Saturday and Sunday.

Commemorative video below....

RIDE from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

Nov 5, 2010

Pake C'Mute in and on Bicycle Times!

The cover of the latest issue of Bicycle Times (artist: Evette Gabriel): Check out the bike bringing in winter, its a Pake C'Mute! We just got this issue today and were pretty psyched to see this, we had no idea! What we did know is that a C'Mute frame and fork is up for grabs in their sweepstakes. Just in time to be built up and outfitted for Father Winter...

Nov 4, 2010

Help Us Name Our Frames

Your chance for a little fame and fortune. When we only had one fixed gear frame model, things were easy. It was our only baby. Having the only nameless frame around was OK. Now we have two models and things aren't as easy. And next year we might have three models, who knows?

We were thinking about names since we knew we were producing our Alloy Track Frame, but never got around to doing anything. To help out with a name, you must go to our FaceBook fan page. Read the guidelines under "Discussions". Submit your ideas there, too. We know you guys are creative. Let's see just how much. Best 5 entries, get Pake schwag. (Yes you have to be signed into Facebook to participate.) Thanks for helping us out!

Nov 2, 2010

Supermarket Street Sweep No. 5: Win a Pake Frame!

The unstoppable Supermarket Street Sweep is an alleycat for all types of bikes that collects food and funds for the S.F. Food Bank. The race is always chock full of schwag to win. This year we are floating the event one of our track frames. Winner won't get the frame there, but will select his size and color and we will deliver it to American Cyclery for pick up. Race day is Dec 4th.