Oct 18, 2010

"Dion Rides Bikes" Review of the C'Mute Frame

Dion reviews our C'Mute frame on his blog. For the short attention span afflicted his conclusion is below. Full review here.

The Pake C'Mute is a wonderful idea. Part road, part commuter, part cyclocross bike, part mountain bike - you can truly make it into whatever you want. I feel this frame will be a dependable life-long friend. Its ageless design will never let you down, no matter how advance frame design becomes.

I foresee the C'Mute evolving into many forms and wearing many hats throughout its life with me. While parts and old technology are replaced, the platform will live on forever.

Oct 13, 2010

RMX Stem

New stem inspired by the vintage Nitto MT-16 BMX stem. We have the normal shorty lengths, plus a 100mm if someone has an unusual need for that.