Aug 30, 2011

Dadadum, dadadadum!

It was stinky, dark, and damp. A bunch rowdy scenesters started jumping off-stage, failing miserably as they attempted to stage dive to fast-paced guitar riffs and bass lines that reverberated throughout the room. The resident scene kid here at Pake was forced by a friend to check out the local fastcore band PUNCH. They just came back from their tour in Europe and performed a show at Submission by 18th and Mission last Sunday.

While checking out the show, we saw PUNCH had a interesting new t-shirts and patches. Dan xAfricax designed the print and it turned out to be pretty awesome.

Aug 19, 2011

New Fixed Gear Zine : 48x15

48x15 wallpaper - click to zoom

48x15 is the new baby of Tyler Bowa, the man behind the fast growing People's Bike website. It's a print and web zine. It's got a clean layout. Modern and clean just like Shanghai (cleaner than Shanghai really). The articles aren't just for fixed gear riders. If you just want to know about "The History of Bikes in China", where to get shoot pool and get cheap food in Shanghai, or just what it takes to navigate its crazy streets, check it. You might never make it to China, but it definitely is an enjoyable read cover to cover.