Dec 15, 2010

Last Day To Help Us Name Our Frames

Your chance for a little fame and fortune. When we only had one fixed gear frame model, things were easy. It was our only baby. Having the only nameless frame around was OK. Now we have two models and things aren't as easy. And next year we might have three models, who knows?

We were thinking about names since we knew we were producing our Alloy Track Frame, but never got around to doing anything. To help out with a name, you must go to our FaceBook fan page. Read the guidelines under "Discussions". Submit your ideas there, too. We know you guys are creative. Let's see just how much. Best 5 entries, get Pake schwag. (Yes, you have to be signed into Facebook to participate.) Thanks for helping us out!

Dec 10, 2010

Super Market Street Sweeps 2010 is History

Eric and his son Sprocket moved 541 lbs of food, which helped them
win our Pake frame set. (Sprocket was also the youngest participant
in the race.

This weekend was the SMSW. The event was able to bring in 171 racers (even with some rain and threat of showers!) for 6,920 pounds of food! (Benefits the SF Food Bank.)

They also raised an additional $4,877 that went straight to the San Francisco Food Bank through our new fundraising category (

This is a great event for cargo and touring bikes as well as speedy bikes as well. And the schwag pile is usually high because of the great organizers and the charity component.

More pix here and here.

Dec 2, 2010

Now available at your local purveyor of handlebars..

Ukiah Risers--BMX-inspired! They come in black, white and chrome.. Tange CrMo steel: most excellent for harder riding. 560mm wide-if you dig narrower bars just trim them down. Hella comfortable, 65mm rise. Get them at your local shop or they're at Soma's online store.