Feb 25, 2010

You Coulda Been A Star!

I don't know if other bike makers get contacted like this.
Some guy named Dennis with a heavy New York accent calls us up and says he wants to get a couple of track frames for props in a feature film he is helping out in. He says it would be starring Steve Buscemi of "Reservior Dogs" and "Desperado". We of course are intrigued, because Steve kicks ass. His assistant Natalie e-mails us the next day with the additional information like plot synopsis, what size frame and the filming location to send it. We tried to extra research to find about more about this film searching IMDB and Google for any info on this project and IMTOOFAMOUS Productions. We even Googled the address of the shooting location and it turned out to be a innocuous looking suburban house. We write back and ask nicely for any credentials (even an office address). They haven't written back and it a week past their deadline. So I guess we are out of luck or more likely we were lucky not to fall for this possible scam.

Here is the e-mail below with plot synopsis:


Per your conversation my boss, Dennis Bloom, I’ve enclosed a brief synopsis of the project.

This project will be filmed on location in Eugene, OR ; Key West , FL ; and various sites in Austria .

I don’t know if he mentioned it but we are working on somewhat of a tight timeline with shooting scheduled to begin in March. We will need all items for consideration no later than February 22, 2010. The onsite location address is 18XX Enchantment Eugene, OR 97402.

We ask that considered items be sent in multiples of two to ensure continuity.
Our request is as follows:

Track Frame 59cm - Purple or Light Blue

If you have questions please feel free to contact Dennis directly at 718.666.XXXX.

Best regards,

Nat Blanchard – Production Assistant


Working Title: Jet Black

In this fast paced high adrenaline tale of cat and mouse, three unknowing adventurers find themselves in a deadly battle of wits.

Reclusive boat builder Rodney Haynes (Steve Buscemi) liked his beer, his boats and little else. But twenty years ago when his brother and sister-in-law went mysteriously missing after a weekend sailing trip, Rodney was unwillingly thrust into a life involving Billy (Josh Duhamel) [Transformers] and Sara (Hayden Panettiere) [NBC's 'Heroes'].

For the last twenty years, Billy and Sara have been pushing life to the limits trying to forget. Sara chose extreme sports. Billy chose bars and women. But when Sara never returns from a day of snowboarding Billy is forced to face reality. And a potentially awful truth.

Enlisting help from his Uncle Rodney, Billy is determined to find out what really happened to his sister…and his parents so many years ago. But it’s going to take a lot more than determination to tip the odds in his favor.

If it turns out this was a real deal, and we blew it, I guess we can take comfort that at least (according to the fixed gear blogs) Obi-Wan Kenobi owns a Pake.


  1. this is hilarious, it has to be a scam, a clever one at that

  2. yah we got the same email and did the exact same thing you did. the production company is some house out west.