May 2, 2011

Jason Clary Takes Red Bull Ride+Style By the Horns

Jason Clary powered his new Pake French 75 to victory in the track race portion of the Red Bull Ride+Style event. Jason wasn't in the original line-up, but got called in last minute as an alternate. Actually another alternate, Kell McKenzie were the last men standing. But Jason really brought his "A" game Saturday and he killed it hard in four heats. Obama should've sent Jason to get Bin Laden. (Well maybe not, then he would've been in Pakistan this weekend insteada here in SF makin us look good) Congrats! Here's our 'thank you' vid.

Stayed tune tomorrow for an interview Mr. Clary.

See our Flickr set for more pictures of the event, including the fixed gear freestyle competition. It was freakishly beautiful day to hang out and watch some bike competition.

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