Oct 26, 2011

Man of Steel Rides Steel

Eric from Smart Bike Parts in Chicago gave us the heads up that they built up a Rum Runner frame for the upcoming Superman flick. Photo shows Clark Kent (played by Henry Cavill) on a gray Rum Runner cruising helmetless in traffic. (Does Superman really need a helmet?)
"Bike had to be unbranded per director's request. His assistant, Jerry Chan, wanted top notch stuff. So Superman is riding a Pake frame with Campy Record Cranks, Phil Wood Hubs, Paul Brake and Lever and looks pretty darn good doing so."


  1. I had completely forgotten about this until I saw the movie over the weekend. It's not there long, but it still made me smile. "Clark Kent rides a bike" would make a good t-shirt don't you think? Get on that!

  2. No one here yet has seen the movie yet. We were wondering if it escaped the cutting room floor. Thanks for the heads up and the t-shirt idea.